This ‘rare’ waterproof iPhone with USB-C port is going on sale


A few months ago engineering student Ken Pillionel unveiled the first iPhone with USB-C port. The student reverse-engineered the C94 connector and made changes to the PCB board in order to make the Type-C port work for both charging and data transfer. The modified iPhone X with USB-C port was later put up for auction and it was sold for $86,001 (approx. Rs 63,96,895). Now creator Gernot Jobstle has created another iPhone with a USB-C port. However, this time the smartphone is claimed to be waterproof too.

Gernot says that he has modified this iPhone X in the same way but this time has reinforced the port and made it waterproof. The device claimed to be the world’s first waterproof iPhone with USB-C port will also go on sale soon. The creator has even shared a video of the modified iPhone that he has created. You can watch the video by clicking on the link below.

In the video, Genot has said that he was inspired by the USB-C iPhone that was created by Ken Pillonel. He also admitted that Pillonel’s GitHub page helped him create the waterproof iPhone X with USB-C port. To securely support the USB-C module in the iPhone X, Genot claims that he has created a new custom part that is 20% made of carbon fiber.

The creator has also revealed that he has used super glue to isolate the wiring after soldering the USB-C connector. Genot says that he looks forward to doing more projects like this. To fund his future projects, the creator will be selling this waterproof iPhone with USB-C port on eBay starting on January 19. Genot has not shared the starting price of the device yet but one can expect that it may fetch more than Pillionel’s iPhone as it is waterproof as well.




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